About the Webcomic

The DnDoggos webcomic started by accident. Well, I certainly meant to draw the first comic "The Ogre", but I didn't anticipate how far this adventure would take me.

The history of this comic is that one morning - much too early - Tonka and Pickles woke me up by playing too loudly in the room. Magnus was asleep on the bed by my feet, and Zoey was on her doggy bed on the floor. When I got up to kick the two rascals out of the room, Zoey thought it was breakfast time and got locked out with them.

Then they were super bored.

The scenario practically wrote itself. Yes, I am The Ogre. But it also just fit all of the doggos' personalities so perfectly. Magnus always has liked being in charge, so he's a natural DM. Tonka loves to play and sing, so it was clear he was a Bard. Pickles's favorite hobby, besides being the center of attention, is killing, so she's definitely a Fighter. And Zoey is the mom of the group, making sure everyone is okay and not missing out on food, so she took the role of Cleric.

Over the course of the five years I was able to update the comic weekly my storytelling and illustration skills evolved. Although the comic is not back to a weekly schedule now, I still keep it updated from time to time, and am excited to finish out this campaign that Magnus has crafted for his friends.

Please enjoy the webcomic pages available here. They are broken up into subpages of Year One, Two, Three, et cetera. (Truthfully, I did not know a good way to do this. I am a comics maker, not a website maker.)