DnDoggos the RPG

In DnDoggos: Get the Party Started, Pickles, Tonka, Zoey, and Magnus play

an adventure game of storytelling and imagination—fighting monsters and

saving the town, while cheering dice rolls and eating plenty of snacks. In this

DnDoggos game, you’ll play through one of their adventures before the

book, escorting a caravan driver through an enchanted forest. If this is

your first role-playing game, welcome! This is a standalone game with simple

rules that anyone can learn, and this rulebook includes (almost) everything

you’ll need. Grab some friends, grab your doggos, and let’s get started!

Download the PDF by tapping the image or click here!


Playable Characters

Tonka the Bard

TONKA is a bard. He loves music,

especially singing, and has a

magical kazoo that he toots. For

Tonka, everything is a fun game!

And with his friends by his side,

he’s sure to bring the fun times.

Pickles the Fighter

PICKLES is a fighter. She is

fierce and brave, and ready to

face off with monsters and

evildoers, and especially stand up

for her friends. Her sword, the

Eradicator, is her prized


Zoey the Cleric

ZOEY is a cleric. She relies on

her brains and her kindness to

help her friends through tough

times. With her cleric’s Book of

Everything, Zoey is always ready

for a riddle or sticky situation!

Biscotti the Wizard

BISCOtTI is a wizard. He spends

so much time in the library, his

friends are convinced he’s part

Papillon and part Book. He loves

to share his knowledge with

anyone who will listen. His current

favorite topic is dragons!

Aero the Rogue

AERO is a rogue. They’re cunning,

but kind. They love roaming city

streets, nose to the air in

search of a tasty treat. Their

favorite snack is beef jerky. If

no one’s looking, they might just

snatch some for themself!

Juniper the Ranger

JUNIPER is a ranger. She adores

spending her time in nature,

climbing trees and tromping

through streams. When she’s not

in the woods, she can be found in

her cabin, working on a fresh

batch of honeycrisp biscuits.