DnDoggos started in 2017 after I caught my dogs playing DnD. I made a single comic to share with my friends, but quickly realized that my dogs loved playing tabletop games, and people loved seeing their adventure! With the support of fans, patrons, and a bunch of Twinings Irish Breakfast tea, I was able to keep up with the weekly schedule for five solid years, until Burn Out landed a Critical Hit on me.

Since then, my life has changed a lot! Zoey is no longer with us, Tonka has gone to live with his human dad. Magnus, Pickles, and now our buddy Toast live with me and we are all excited that we have not one, but TWO DnDoggos graphic novels coming out and we can't wait to see all the new fans we get to meet when folks start reading the books.

Thanks for going on this adventure with me.

Onward, to more!

About The Creator

Scout Underhill (they/them) is a nonbinary, queer author-illustrator and a life-long professional dog cuddler, creating stories near Nashville, TN. They started drawing comics as a wee child and never stopped. DnDoggos began as a webcomic in 2017 after the real life dogs were caught playing tabletop roleplay games. Having no thumbs of their own in which to hold pencils, the doggos enlisted Scout's help to make them famous. When not drawing dog comics, Scout can be found thinking about dogs, playing with dogs, and cuddling with dogs. Scout received the award “Best Person In The World” from their own dogs in 2010 and has held the title every year since. DnDoggos GET THE PARTY STARTED (Feiwel & Friends, 2024) is their debut graphic novel. 

Represented by Britt Siess of Britt Siess Creative Management.

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photo Emily April Allen